Who I Follow

With my current schedule, I have various times during the day when I have free time. In that free time I like to explore social media.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with social media like some people my age. I’m mostly using social media as a way to figure out what I want my future to be.

I want to eventually grow my following on this blog, so I’m on social media to see how others grow their blogs/followings.

To have a rather successful lifestyle blog, I’ve noticed you’re blog needs to be connected to social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Those are two of the more popular social media platforms and they happen to be my two favorites.

Another thing I’ve noticed with popular bloggers is that they have a YouTube channels as well.

I’m on the fence about ever starting a YouTube because I’m not a very social person so I don’t know if I’m comfortable taking videos of myself. Also right now in my life, I’m very dedicated to school. I don’t have a lot of free time to do fun and interesting things that are worth sharing on there.

Maybe once I’m older and have developed this blog more, then I’ll get into YouTube.

As I’m learning more and more about how to become a blogger through social media, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the people who have inspired me lately.




    • This is a Women’s Clothing brand based in Utah. I love all of their clothes, if I had enough money I would buy everything from their store.
    • Here’s the link to  their store and their Pinterest.
  • Andi Sakowski
    • I love following Andi for all things Disney. I actually just recently made a post on me reviewing her blog if you want to check that out to learn a little bit more about her. And also, here’s her Pinterest!
  • Julia Engel
    • I also did a blog review on Julia’s blog, check that out here. But the real reason she’s on my Pinterest list is because all of her beautiful dresses. I love her dress collection she has created and I love pinning them. Here’s her Pinterest for you to check out.




  • @carolinegrace_miele
    • I love following Caroline because she is a dancer and she works at Disney World and that’s my dream. I actually messaged her on Instagram and asked her a question about working for Disney World. She was so supportive and told me to follow my dreams. She just seems like a real person and for that, I love following her.
  • @chaser22
    • Chase is a Disney Instagrammer and he also has a YouTube channel. He’s currently living at Disney and spends a lot of time at Disney world and Universal Studios. I enjoy keeping up with his posts because he does a lot of fun stuff
    • Here’s his YouTube if you want to check it out.
  • @taylor.hancok
    • Taylor is a very talented photographer and videographer. What got me to follow her was that she did the Disney College Program, and she documented her time there. I love DCP bloggers and she is one of my favorites.



My Top Favorites:

~I was going to have this list as my favorite YouTubers to follow, but I realized that all of them fall more than one category. They are by far my favorite people to follow on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. I believe they needed a separate category of their own. So here’s a list of my all time favorite people to follow:

  • Eve Taylor
    • She is my favorite Disney YouTuber and Instagrammer. She lives in California and spends a lot of time in Disneyland.
    • Here’s her YouTube channel
    • Here’s her Instagram
  • Brad and Hailey Devine
  • The Bucket List Family
    • This family is my inspiration. I’ve been following them for two years now and they have made my life better. Garrett and Jessica have the cutest kids and who doesn’t love a family who travels the world together? Please check them out!
    • Here’s their YouTube channel
    • Here’s their Instagram
    • Here’s their website


Those are just a few of my favorite people to follow on social media. I wouldn’t have the dreams I have today if they weren’t on these platforms.

Thanks for Reading,



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